Why hire US Heating and Air Conditioning to service/repair or replace your homes air conditioning, furnace or heating unit in Dublin, Ohio?

The arctic weather outbreak of January 2019 has not been the first – nor will it be the last – of the brutal and bitter cold weather to strike Ohio. Every winter, record lows continue to be set. Every winter, temperatures bottom-out across the state, and there is no end in sight. However, winter climates aren’t the only problem. Temperature extremes are constantly shifting in the summer months as well with higher highs averaging across the state. The Dublin area is no exception.

Dramatic temperature swings, combined with higher high and lower low temperatures, can be devastating to heating and air conditioning bills. These kinds of circumstances can easily double standard monthly electricity costs. Furthermore, overexposure to freezing rain, hail, and blowing debris can cause unseen damages to an HVAC unit. These damages, unchecked and not serviced, can quickly escalate over time, causing not only exorbitant repair costs, but can also cause an HVAC unit to fail during critical moments. US Heating and Air Conditioning is all-too-familiar with these kinds of catastrophic failures and understands the absolute seriousness with which they should be addressed.

Preventative maintenance is often overlooked, simply because when a heating and air conditioning system is working, it’s easy to forget about. It’s during these unexpected breakdowns, which are easily preventable by regular maintenance and check-ups, that a heating an HVAC unit is finally noticed. The experienced technicians of US Heating and Air Conditioning are ready and capable to perform regular check-ups and maintenance for the express purpose of preventing these kinds of catastrophic failures. Don’t let an HVAC unit, arguably the most important piece of mechanical equipment in any structure, fall into disrepair. Let the highly-qualified technicians at US Heating and Air Conditioning prevent costly and avoidable replacement bills by performing annual maintenance.

However, through no fault from the end-user, sometimes an HVAC unit malfunctions due to calamitous situations or end-of-life failures. Any complex piece of equipment is subject to unexpected breakdowns. US Heating and Air Conditioning understands the need to perform quick and low-cost repairs or replacements. If a heating unit fails during dire winter months, or during the unforgiving heat of summer, no time can be wasted. US Heating and Air Conditioning will waste no time responding to a customer’s call, ensuring that a failed HVAC unit is once again operating in peak-performance exactly when it’s needed most.

The importance and service of an HVAC unit cannot be overstated. It is the unseen, necessary benefactor of comfort and well-being. Nobody understands that better, nor is anyone more prepared and willing to ensure an HVAC’s continuous operation, than US Heating and Air Conditioning.