Enhance the Quality of Your Cooling With Air Conditioning Service

If you know you’ve got a good thing going and want to keep it going, simple maintenance is all it takes. This advice applies to a lot of things, not the least of which is your air conditioner. To ensure you can continue to enjoy it, have maintenance done by a professional HVAC company in Central Ohio like US Heating and Air Conditioning. It will pack some major benefits.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Benefits

Longer-Lasting, Reliable AC

We can catch a breakdown before it even happens in a routine check. The adjustments and cleanings we perform help to reset your system to perform almost like new. If peace of mind is your goal, you’ll find it with our AC maintenance.

More Energy Efficient

An AC unit that does not have maintenance will work harder over time, because wear and tear will cause strain on parts like the blower motor. It’s estimated that you can retain up to 95% efficiency with regular maintenance.

Fewer Repair Issues

Quick question–What percentage of air conditioning repairs are preventable? The answer is actually a whopping 85%! If you want to save money on repair bills, regular maintenance is your best bet.

Have Air Conditioning Service Today & Relax Tomorrow

The positive effects of AC maintenance will last through the hottest of days! Secure your comfort all summer and more by calling 614-888-7332 for service!

We’re Central Ohio’s Trusted HVAC Maintenance Partner!

Our simple but thorough commercial and residential maintenance is part of why we’re known for being easy to do business with. Other reasons include:


100% satisfaction guarantee

We look out for the community

We service all systems

Fast arrivals


Business perfected since founding in 1974

For more information about air conditioning service, check out our maintenance plan. Call us at 614-888-7332 to secure the performance of your air conditioning!