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It can be an overwhelming task to have to replace an air conditioning unit. Not only is living with no air conditioning difficult in the hot, sweltering months, knowing exactly what is needed to replace the unit can be exhausting and confusing. What exactly does SEER mean? What is the variable speed? Does the unit need to be replaced and what exactly are the signs of this?

US Heating and Air Conditioning will answer these questions and more. We will respond quickly to any air conditioning emergency and set up a time for professional installation of any chosen product.

What are the Signs of a Compromised Air Conditioning Unit?

One of the first questions to ponder when it comes to an air conditioning is this- just how old is the unit itself? If the answer is 10-years-old or older, then it is likely showing signs of needing repairs. Often, replacing the unit is the best idea altogether. Signs that a replacement is needed include the following:

•A home or business that is often too hot or humid, even with the air conditioning on

•Having to call in for repairs on a regular basis

•High energy bills

•Expensive repair bills

Call Today if the Signs are Saying a Replacement is Needed!

It is easy to get started when the air conditioning unit needs to be replaced in a home or business. A reputable company is standing by to answer every call, day and night! Don’t hesitate to call and replace an old unit with a brand new, well-working model today.

There are many different units that can be chosen from when the air conditioning unit has to be replaced. The heating and air conditioning company will offer various makes and models, as well as different features of each. These will include:

High SEER– This stands for a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and typically describes a highly efficient unit.

Variable Speed– This feature allows for better airflow control. The end result is better air quality and efficiency.

Heat Pump– This allows the unit to heat and cool the home at different times.

Mini Split– This is a ductless cooling and heating option offered by HVACs.

Geothermal– For those wishing to go the eco-friendly way, asking about a geothermal unit is a good start.

We also offer standard central air conditioners and quality options in Amana, Goodman and Daiken.

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