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The feeling of relief from going inside to a cooled home from a hot, muggy day is an irreplaceable home comfort. If you’re not experiencing that comfort, US Heating and Air Conditioning is here to set it right with any air conditioning service you need. We are also here to help you preserve it with maintenance.

With over 40 years in business backing our residential and commercial services in Central Ohio, you’ll have a peace of mind when you call us to satisfy your AC needs.

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Whichever service you need, you can expect 100% satisfaction. We make the process easy as well, with genuine friendliness and expertise in our field.

Air Conditioning Repair – We’re experienced with making quick repairs that completely fix not just the symptoms of your breakdown, but the root of it as well.

Air Conditioning Replacement – By offering many trusted brands, we provide ample options for the replacement you’re looking for.

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Taking care of your system in the short term with maintenance is a smart idea. You’ll enjoy better AC for longer.

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After over 40 years of business, US Heating and Air Conditioning has proven itself to be a high quality company. We’re not only chosen for our A+ BBB rating and licensing but for our values of looking out for others and how easy we make it to do business with us.

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It can be disruptive to deal with an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system that’s out of order for any reason. It can be unpleasant during the hot summer months. It can be just as unpleasant during the frigid winter ones as well. People who reside in Dublin, Lewis Center, Westerville, Delaware and Powell, Ohio are no strangers to weather extremes of all kinds. That’s precisely why they need to take all of their HVAC system concerns seriously. US Heating & Air Conditioning is a nearby company that concentrates on all kinds of pertinent HVAC matters. The technicians at US Heating & Air Conditioning know how to fix cooling units of all varieties. If a homeowner in Westerville has any kind of issue with the operation of her air conditioning system in the middle of July, she can reach out to US Heating & Air Conditioning for in-depth assistance.

Indications of Issues With Home Cooling Units

A home cooling unit that’s not releasing cool air into a living space can be a telltale indication. That’s not the sole indication that people need to look out for, however. An air conditioning system that’s not functioning in the correct manner may have airflow that’s notably inadequate. It may give off odd high-pitched noises of all sorts. It may lead to major moisture troubles. Leaks that are close to cooling systems can often be extremely telling. Foul smells can also reveal trouble that involves residential cooling units. If an individual wrinkles his nose any time he turns his cooling unit on, then that’s 100 percent abnormal. Some other things that can denote cooling unit difficulties are air that’s strangely warm, incessant cycling and immoderate humidity. People who have any suspicions that relate to the operations of their cooling systems need to take care of them right away. Prompt repair work can in many situations stop cooling system troubles from accelerating. Delaying professional cooling system repair work can often intensify things and make them spiral further out of control.

Attentive and Capable HVAC Technicians

US Heating & Air Conditioning is a business that has a stellar reputation in communities in many different parts of Ohio. People who reside in Dublin often are unable to say no to the chance to team up with US Heating & Air Conditioning. The same thing applies to people who reside in Delaware and Lewis Center. If a Lewis Center apartment feels awfully stuffy and hot in June, then meticulous repair work from US Heating & Air Conditioning’s technicians can be a massive lifesaver. If a Westerville detached home feels suffocating and warm at the end of August, US Heating & Air Conditioning can remedy everything for all its suffering residents as well. US Heating & Air Conditioning is a respected force in the HVAC sector in Ohio. The company’s team members are all prompt, trained and reliable professionals through and through. They’re enthusiastic about HVAC service that’s well-rounded and all-encompassing.