Get an Air Handler That is Properly Matched to Your HVAC System

An air handler is simply the indoor part of a typical heating and cooling system. The condenser is the outside part. But not so simply, there are usually many parts inside of an air handler, including:


Heating/cooling elements


Air filters

Filter racks/chambers

Sound attenuators

All of these details make choosing the right air handler very important. US Heating and Air Conditioning has done most of the work for you. We have paired with select brands and found great products to install in your Central Ohio home or business.

The Difference Between a High Quality and Low Quality Air Handler

A high-quality air handler will give you excellent and consistent performance. Several more considerations go into a higher quality system than a lower quality system, including:

Exceeds Standards – Efficiency standards are set by the EPA and kept updated. All systems we provide are up-to-date energy-efficient choices.

Long Warranties – Various models will have different warranties, but 10-year warranties last almost as long as your system will with proper maintenance .

Horizontal & Vertical Options – This is an additional feature that you may need to better fit the air handler into your building’s space.

Look After Your Comfort With a Select New Air Handler

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If it’s time to replace your air handler, we’ll make the process quick and easy, and we’ll leave you with a satisfaction guarantee. We have helped the Central Ohio area with their HVAC needs for over 40 years, and we are ready to assist you with yours.

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