Why hire US Heating & Air Conditioning to repair your homes furnace or heating unit in Powell, Lewis Center, Delaware, Westerville or Dublin Ohio?

Heat is a basic comfort. And when it’s absent, it is very difficult to even go about daily household chores. If you’re a business owner, you probably already know it can negatively impact the inhabitants of your building.

While you may be dealing with a total breakdown, not all signs that you need a heat pump, mini split or furnace repair are obvious. If anything on this list is happening to your system, then your feeling that you should seek out an HVAC company is correct:

  • Strange, unfamiliar noises.
  • Uneven heating.
  • Yellow pilot light (furnace).
  • Unexplained change in indoor air quality.
  • Mismatched thermostat reading.
  • Unusually high electric bill.
  • Wet patches on lawn (geothermal system).
  • Cold air.


Some of these signs may indicate that a replacement is necessary, which we can also assist you with.

We Aim to Exceed Your Expectations

Have you ever dealt with a company that arrives late, delivers unsatisfactory performance, does not go back to make something right, or all of the above?

You will be treated to an entirely different experience with US Heating and Air Conditioning. For the past 40 years, we have gone out of our way to look after the interests of others. By implementing what the community prefers in HVAC service, we have become known as a quality company that delivers 100% satisfaction every time.

Call us at 614-888-7332 for an expert heating or furnace repair. Reach a live operator and get your issue resolved promptly.

Getting a New Heating System is a Simple Process
Whether your heating system has stopped working all together or is just giving off some warning signs that you have a problem, US Heating and Air Conditioning can help. No matter how large or small your heating system may be, a qualified company can help you replace it with a more energy efficient and reliable model.

The thought of getting a new heating system can be troublesome, but not when you are dealing with a company like US Heating and Air Conditioning. This company can help make your life easier and give you peace of mind that your heating system will be a great investment.

Many Different Choices
You can choose from many different options when it comes to a new heating system. You may want to go with a ductless mini-spit system that is perfect for zone heating and cooling. A heat pump is another reliable choice. You can also go geothermal if you want to be more environmentally-friendly. When it comes to furnaces, you can rely on a good company to be able to install a quality system that will offer reliable heating results. You can count on our qualified company to work on brands like Goodman, Amana, Daikin, and more.

Trust Professionals for Reliable Heat You Can Count On
It is important to have the proper sized heating unit for your property if you want it to work optimally for many winters. A unit that is too small won’t be able to provide adequate heating and a system that is too large will just waste electricity. The right company can make sure that your unit is the perfect size for your unique heating requirements so that you can enjoy staying warm inside your property.

US Heating and Cooling offers licensed contractors that will be able to install your next heating system with ease. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you deal with a company that cares about its clients. If you need the best heating system possible, contact the professionals at 614-888-7332 to set up a convenient appointment to meet your specific needs.