Get Paired to the Furnace That Suits Your Needs the Most

Imagine warmth like your home or business has never experienced before that also costs less than ever before. More money will go into the heat and less will end up being wasted. That is what you can expect from our selection at US Heating and Air Conditioning in Central Ohio. Additionally, we will also provide you with installation from a certified HVAC installer.

Take Advantage of the Latest Features

High AFUE – A higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency means a more energy-efficient furnace.

Quiet Operation – There are multiple ways manufacturers can create a system that is barely audible but delivers powerful heat.

Variable Speed – Your furnace blower can run at two different speeds to control the right level of heating.

Self-Diagnostics – Having a system that can inform you of any maintenance needs allows you to stay in the loop about what is going on with it.

You don’t have to decide between these features either; many units that we offer combine some or all of these. You also may want to consider warranties and tax credit options.

Need a New Furnace? Consult the Heating Experts!

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When It’s Time For a New Air Conditioner, Call the Trusted Choice

US Heating and Air Conditioning has been licensed with the BBB for over 40 years with an A+ rating. We make it a point to be easy to do business with and to hold the interests of our customers in high regards. And “guaranteed satisfaction” isn’t just a phrase to us–we will stand by it.

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