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Why hire US Heating & Air Conditioning to repair or replace your homes furnace or heating system in Powell, Lewis Center, Delaware, Westerville or Dublin Ohio?

There are many ways an HVAC company can help you get through the winter with heating service for your home or business. Whatever your need, a good company should provide repair, replacement and maintenance services. And its contractors should be experienced in all systems, because your warmth is important no matter what heating system you have.

With over 40 years in business, US Heating and Air Conditioning has proven itself to be that HVAC company you can count on for today and many winters to come.

We Look Out for Your Interests

Every service our experienced, licensed contractors perform is based around the needs US Heating and Air Conditioning has encountered during its 40 years in business. We show this in several ways, including:

Guaranteed Satisfaction – We aim to impress. We are on time every time with thorough services.

Non-Stop Service – We are here 24/7, 365 days a year.

Priority Service for Military & Honor Guard – We thank you for your service.

Live People & Genuine Service – We are friendly and answer the phone.

Call us at 614-888-7332 for heating service whenever you need it, and enjoy the indoors this season.

No one wants to worry about being cold in their own home during the long winter months. Luckily, an experienced HVAC company will allow customers to make it through the coldest months with their excellent heating services. An HVAC company can provide these services for both the home and local businesses. The best company will be able to not only replace any heating system used, they will also have the knowledge to repair and maintain existing equipment in the home or business. All contractors will be highly experienced in how to work with every system possible, because having a working heating unit during the colder weather is important no matter what type of system is in use.

Choose a company that has many years of experience- one that has proven time and again that they can be trusted. An experienced company should always be kept in the contact section of the phone, as heating emergencies can happen when they are least expected.

What Services Will a Qualified Company Offer?

Heating Repair

Heating system on the fritz? A reputable heating company will come to the home or business and stop the creeping cold quickly. They will know how to quickly and efficiently fix the system so that it operates at 100% efficiency.

Heating Replacement

Many heating systems seem to be working okay but aren’t running as efficiently as they should. It may even be ready to break down, leaving the home or business plummeting into cold air. An HVAC company will offer different brands and systems in different price ranges, as well as the ability to professionally install them.

Heating Maintenance

Even when the heat is working well, it is important to extend the life of a heating system and improve the efficiency of the unit. With just a little routine maintenance, the unit will always work at peak performance.