Why hire US Heating & Air Conditioning to replace your homes furnace or heating  unit in Powell, Lewis Center, Delaware, Westerville or Dublin Ohio?

If a big breakdown has occurred in your heating system, you’re probably trying to make quick decisions to get your heat back in your Central Ohio residence or business. Or, you might be looking into a replacement while your system is giving its last dying puffs of heat. Whatever predicament you’re in, we can help.

The options for a new heating system can be a little overwhelming, but with US Heating and Air Conditioning, it is nothing to be apprehensive about.

We Have Options For Every Preference

We can hook you up with any type of heating system:

Ductless mini split – A sleek system that can be used to zone heat and cooling.

Heat pump – An option for efficient heating and cooling.

Geothermal – We can help you go more eco-friendly or replace your current geothermal system.

Furnace – A traditional option for powerful heating in the coldest of winters.

And we have the know-how to install any brand:




& More

A Professional Installation Makes Your Heat Reliable

For a replacement that will provide you with lasting comfort through many winters, a proper installation that takes into account the size of your space is crucial.

The licensed contractors at US Heating and Air Conditioning can install your next system with guaranteed satisfaction. Need better, more efficient heat today? Call us at 614-888-7332 and we can set up an appointment that is most convenient for you.

The winter season can be a joyous one for people who have effective and strong residential heating systems. It can be a nightmare for people who do not, however. Heating system problems can subject people to serious discomfort. Furnace problems can make getting through the night a lot harder than it has to be. People who are in need of heating system and furnace repair services anywhere in Dublin, Westerville, Powell, Delaware or Lewis Center in Ohio have an easy fix right in front of them. That fix is to recruit the talents who work for US Heating & Air Conditioning. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technicians on the team at US Heating & Air Conditioning have a lot of expertise that involves troubleshooting heating systems and furnaces. They know how to fix heating system and furnace concerns of all varieties as well.

Indications of Heating System and Furnace Troubles

It’s essential for people to stay on top of indications of heating system and furnace problems. Identifying them rapidly can be highly beneficial. That’s because speedy identification often can stop things from accelerating and becoming more and more difficult to manage. It’s important for people to keep tabs on troubles such as the absence of air that feels warm, costly utility expenses, awful smells, weird sounds, yellow burner flames, immoderate dust amounts, decreased airflow and cycling that’s brief. Furnaces that fail to turn on can often be telling as well. That’s because they’re in many situations the result of safety dilemmas. They may be related to problematic ignitions or even gas leakage. People who notice any heating system irregularities whatsoever need to do something about them without hesitation.

Why US Heating & Air Conditioning Is an Exemplary Company

US Heating & Air Conditioning has a staff of technicians who have expansive training. These professionals also employing heating system equipment that’s technologically advanced and effective. People who are searching for efficient and thorough heating system or furnace repair work in Ohio can always feel terrific working with the US Heating & Air Conditioning staff. These technicians know how to fix heating systems and furnaces regardless of type. They know how to handle heating system and furnace difficulties regardless of degrees of severity as well.

Manageable Heating System and Furnace Repair Rates

Troubleshooting and fixing a heating system or furnace in Ohio can be rather costly at times. It’s not at all costly for the people who choose to work with US Heating & Air Conditioning, though. US Heating & Air Conditioning is a full-service business that has a tradition of affordable rates in the region. If a customer wants to take care of an unpredictable furnace without breaking the bank, he can easily do so. People who want matchless heating system and furnace repair work in Ohio have no excuses. They can get in touch with the US Heating & Air Conditioning team via telephone. They can secure repair service appointments as well.