Get Rid of Stale Air With HVAC Ventilation

Indoor air often feels stale and recycled. The walls of your Central Ohio home may do great favors for your heating and cooling, but when it comes to ventilation…not so much. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between a comfortable temperature and air circulation with an HVAC ventilation product. US Heating and Air Conditioning provides high performance ventilators that will prevent the energy loss you would experience with an open window.

Enjoy a Significant Improvement With a Ventilator

After we professionally install a high quality ventilator for your home, you can expect to see three major benefits:

Better Indoor Air Quality – Unwanted particles in your air can get trapped as they cycle over and over through your HVAC system. A ventilator will provide better IAQ by cycling fresh air in.

Lower Energy Costs – You will end up paying less for your heating and cooling with a ventilator working with your HVAC system.

Better Humidity Levels – Some may prefer a humidifier, but a ventilator can actually help control the imbalance that occurs between the outdoor and indoor air.

Have Fresh Indoor Air Without a Sacrifice by Getting HVAC Ventilation!

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Choose US Heating & Air Conditioning for an Easy Peace of Mind

We’re a popular stop in Central Ohio for our HVAC products , including ventilators, because:

Satisfaction guarantees

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Call us at 614-888-7332 to bring the fresh outdoor air indoors with HVAC ventilation, and lower your utility bill, improve your humidity level and IAQ.