Fight Dry Air With a Whole House Humidifier

Air that is too dry feels very uncomfortable. This is a problem especially in the Central Ohio winter when your heat is cranked up to battle the cold outdoors. If it is a particularly cold day, you might be experiencing conditions similar to a desert. A healthy, comfortable indoor humidity is around 40 – 50%.

A whole house humidifier from US Heating and Air Conditioning can easily eliminate dry air in your home for good. Have one installed today and literally feel better overnight.

What You Can Expect With a Whole House Humidifier

What you first might notice about low humidity is that it is uncomfortable, but it can actually impact your health and even the condition of your home.

A humidifier can bring great relief to many problems you are experiencing:

Irritation & discomfort

Increased static electricity


Peeling wallpaper/paint

Increased cold & flu

Asthma flare ups

Dry air is not only aggravating; it also makes conditions for flus and colds to spread more easily.

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